What are my qualities/what kind of sporter am I?

Best words to discribe me as a sporter: winner, driven, forward-looking, technical and coachable

I really like sporting. I am an allround sporter: I play various kind of sports from soccer to sailing, there are almost no sports I don't like. Below are listed some of the sports I have practised with a short description. The sport I play the most and which I want to play in college is soccer, more about my soccer-career below.


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Personal information:

Name:Tom van Klaarbergen
Date of Birth:2000, March, 5th
Positions:Left- or centerback, but also midfielder and attacker
Current club:SV LAREN '99
Teams:Boys-under-19-1 and "de belofte" (see header present)

My soccer story

Soccer is my number 1 priority in sport and more important it's the sport I want to play in college. I have always been in love with soccer and have played it since I can remember. I was 5 years old when I joined SV LAREN '99. I have always played in the highest teams. Currently I play in boys-19-1. jo19 stands for soccer-players under 19 and the 1 indicates that I am in the highest team in the age category under 19. Also I regulary play with the team "belofte". The "belofte" is a team which contains players from the first, second, third and my own team, aging from 17-25. In that team I am in the basis. Beside a soccer-player I am also a trainer. I am the trainer of the boys under 12-2 the second team of the boys from age 10-12. I really like being a trainer; I can pass trough the knowledge I once got from my trainers and I can see them become better .

My strengths in soccer

  • 1) I am a strong, hard-working defender who gives 100% and I win almost all my duels. I have often been called the Pitbull of the team.
  • 2) I make actions along the lines followed by cross-passes and goals.
  • 3) I am a technical player who is steady on the ball
  • 4) I have a good insight in the game and so I can and do coach my teamplayers on where to stand or on when to play the ball.
  • 5) I am a supportive player and I NEVER give up, when we're losing and my teamplayers are giving up I try to get them to heads up and win the game.
  • 6) I am coachable

What do I expect from the USA?

Currently I still have the idea that I have a lot more potential as a soccer player. In the USA I want and expect to deploy this potential and want to become as good as possible.

My soccer highlight video!!


My tennis story

I have played Tennis since I was 5. I tennised at 't Lear with great pleusure. First I trained 3 hours a week. At the age of 10 I also started with 1 hour private lessons from someone who once played for Ajax. I was clubchampion in my age catagory 2 times. At the age of 13 I had to stop with tennis because the lack of time


My golf story

I started playing golf when I was only 8 years old. I trained 1 time a week at Naarderbos . When I was ten years old I got my GVB (GVB is a pass that indicates that the holder is able to play golf. In 2014 I started with private lessons each week at Golfpark spandersbosch. I stopped with training in 2015 again because the lack of time. I still sometimes play golf.


My windsurfing story

I really love windsurfing. I started taking lessons in windsurfing at "De Bird" when I was 10 years old. In 1 week, starting with no experience at all, I got my CWO2. The number after CWO indicates how good of a windsurfer someone is. And 3 is the highest number. You can imagaine that it is really hard and outstanding to get 2 CWO's in 1 week, while some of the children in my group didn't even get CWO1.
One year after that I also trained for my CWO3. I passed for 32 out of the 33 points. For the 33 point I had to go in "planee". But beacause of the lack of strength I didn't pull it off.


My sailing story

Another sport that I practised a lot is sailing. I started sailing in an optimist at the age of 7. I learned the basics: wind-directions, how to steer, how to put my sail, rules on the water, etc., etc.
I liked sailing so I went on with sailing many different boats, like the Laser/Pico I&II, Splash, Topaz Taz, Falcon, Optimist, Catamaran and others.
This summer vacation I went to croatia, there I was the captain of a 13 feet long yacht, on which 5 people lived, for a week.


My climbing story

I first started climbing on a party here in Holland. We went to a climb-wall. I managed to get to the top of the wall and I really liked the tension, the intensity and, the power and the persevance that you needed to get to the top.
Eacht time we go to France we go to a climbing-park called the "acrobot". The third time we went there on the age of 10 I passed the hardest parcour. I was noticed by the owner of the park and he invited me to climb a realy mountain called Roche de Solutree with him, see picture on the left.


My ski-and-snowboarding story

I love to ski and snowboard. I started skiing when I was only 4 years old. I started snowboarding when I was 8 years old. At the end of the first week of lessons when I was 4, all the members of the group had to do a a slalom. I was given nickname "kimikaze", becuase of my speed. I realy love skiing and snowboarding. Every year I ski and snowboard at least one week.


My icehockey story

When I was around 10 years old my father began to work for an iceskating company. The company was near my old school, so I iceskated literally everyday, after school and in the breaks. My father worked there for 2 years and I would always go with him and iceskate. Eventually I became very skilled in ice-skating and a professional ice-hockeyer came to the iceskating place and he came up with the idea of playing icehockey there. So from then on I played ice-hockey every saturday for a year long. After that year I once went to a professional ice-skating club in Utrecht, but I preferred tennis, soccer and golf over iceskating.


As off 2018 January the first I am also going to the gym 3 times a week.
There I train everything: leg-, breast-, back- and armsmuscles