Academic Resume

Formal Education

2012 – Present           : Gemeentelijk Gymnasium Hilversum,


I will graduate in 2018 with a VWO Diploma. This is the highest level of senior education in the Netherlands and

grants entry into every university


Academic Profile:

I am following the NT&NG Profile which includes the following subjects: Netherlands, Ancient Greek, English, Civics, Mathematics B, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Gymnastics. Extra classes that I attend are: NLT(Nature, Life and Science), Mathematics D and Economics.


Favorite Subjects:

My favorite subject are Mathematics, Science, Gymnastics, and NLT (Nature, Life and Science)


Language Skills:

Dutch               : native speaker

English            : advanced

German          : intermediate

French             : intermediate

Chinese          : beginner


Academic Achievements and Projects


2016                              : Participant in European Union Science Olympiad

2012 – 2016                  : Participant in National Scientific Olympiad (Maths)

2013 – 2015                  : Participant in International Junior Science Olympiad


Informal Education:

2017                 : College tour ‘Exciting Molecules’ at a local university where we learned about how computer processors are

made and interactions between matter and light. Included a tour around the facilities and machines concerning it

2017                 : Masterclass ‘Dark Material’ at a local university where different professors talked about dark matter

2017                 : I attended a tour of BASF, a Dutch company which researches ways to create a sustainable future

2017                 : I visited the ABN Amro bank and learned a lot; how they calculate and cover their risks, which jobs there are

and we also visited the trading floor and learned about that process

2015                 : Excursion to Givaudan, to learn how a chemistry company works

2012                 : each grade 7 class had to pick the top 5 talented musicians and together they had to write a song in 1 day.

We competed and against the other 7 classes and our song won; I played the piano

2015                 : member of the technical committee involved with designing an app for the school

Hilversum, April 2017


To Whom it May Concern

I am pleased to write this letter in order to recommend Tom van Klaarbergen to you.

Tom is currently a 12th grade pupil at the Gemeentelijk Gymnasium Hilversum and he is about to start his final exams. I was Tom’s Physics teacher in grade 7 and 9, and taught him Chemistry in grade 9 and 11. During the years Tom showed to be very keen about the subjects we discussed in class: he came up with tough questions, which were appreciated, but frequently caused me trouble finding the right answers. Nevertheless, he was one of the most faithful homeworkers of the class and proved to be a very gifted pupil.

Because I noticed that Tom easily handled the subjects and assignments in class I asked him to join the ‘Snellius’ project. This is an extracurricular project offering challenges and master classes to talented pupils, stimulating them to excel in scientific subjects. Tom joined this project and during the years he participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad (twice) and the European Union Science Olympiad. He had to collaborate with a team of three pupils, demonstrating Biology, Physics and Chemistry skills. Tom also joined us in some visits to Universities and Research Institutes, such as the ‘Exciting molecules’ tour (following classes and meeting investigators of the Advanced Research Centre for Nanolithography). Furthermore he participated in several master classes (amongst others) ‘Dark matter’ at one of the Dutch universities and recently he was part of a small group of selected pupils to visit BASF, a research company developing catalysts for the food industry.

This all displays Tom’s broad interest and eagerness for knowledge and for understanding subjects in depth. He shows a high level of perceptiveness and he is one of the few pupils able to understand the deeper meaning of certain concepts and phenomena. Usually he is a silent worker, but as I mentioned before, beware of the next question he is thinking about asking.

It was a pleasure to have Tom in class, and have him join the special projects. What always strikes me most is the gentle personality of Tom, he will never be cocky about his talents or achievements and is a friendly, adaptive and humorous guy who is always willing to help fellow pupils and teachers.

Now that Tom is about to fly out and start a scientific study, I hope he will apply for an institute that will be suitable for his scientific interest, his giftedness and great personal skills. Tom told me he wants to combine his study with sports, I don’t know much about Tom’s sportive achievements but I believe that physical activity is good for the body, and makes him ready to be seated in science classes; right where he belongs!

Eric J. Snelders

Chemistry teacher

Gemeentelijk Gymnasium Hilversum


SAT without essay 12/02/2017
Evidence-based reading
and writing score
Math score 650
Total score 1270
TOEFL iBT 01/13/2018
Reading score 25
Speaking score 26
Listening score 22
Writing score 25
Total score 98